Planet Rock Winters End Festival "one of the hardest things to achieve in music – a unique sound" - Steve BeeBee Planet Rock

HARD ROCK HELL Festival  "Gypsy Pistoleros – absolute hands down set of the weekend for me, what a stage presence, what a performance, what a set! the impact on stage is instantaneous and electric.

They are unique, completely unique, never have I heard such a blend of styles merge so successfully that you’d struggle to label it (don’t bother trying) but the set is blistering" - Karen Clayton

"I’m not totally sure I get what they’re doing, described as “Flamenco, Sleaze, Glam” it just seems like a random mash-up of genre styles to me. That all changed on the HRH stage today. Gypsy Pistoleros came to lay waste and they did. A well-honed band and loaded with energy and stage presence."

Chuff me. What a performance.
"I love when someone lives up to your expectations, in facts blows em apart and you get butterflies watching em...

This band are so chuffin good. They look the part and the play the part and they bring theatre and magic to the stage. Lee absolutely owned the stage. He knows how to do it. So much experience and a love of what he's doing, I'm smiling now writing about it and thinking back."  - Steve Beastie HRH Radio D.J

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