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GYPSY PISTOLEROS this Friday entered four U.K Album Charts! 

No. 7 in the Official Independent Album Breakers Chart

No. 36 Official Independent Album Chart

No. 67 official Album Downloads Chart

No. 94 Official Albums Sales Chart

The new album ‘Duende a Go Go Loco’ was recorded , mixed and produced by fast-rising legend Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, Nickleback,  Kerbdog, Terrorvision, The Professionals) at The Old Cider Press Studios, Pershore. 

                        The full Killer album 'Duende a Go Go Loco!' is out on Digital/CD & very Special Vinyl packages!

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**********All Reviews  for the album are AMAZING!!!! ***********

 "When a band is self-sufficient, original and plagiarizing, daring and comical, shameless and proud to call themselves: THE GREATEST FLAMENCO PUNK GLAM BAND EVER, on the flashy cover. And they promote themselves as SWASHBUCKLING RENEGADE FLAMENCO ROCK RUMBA PUNK N ROLL… everything has already been said. From 0 to 100% any grade works: 85% to say the least…but if you’re Punk give it a 100%. - Manuel Campos Ruíz ViriAOR

"Duende A Go Go Loco, teetering glamorously in high heels,continues very much in that vein. Jam packed with explosive riffs, catchy choruses and, of course, their trademark flamenco rumba, this album is a rumbustious ride that rarely lets up over its 10 tracksAnd on the subject of winning, Duende A Go Go Loco takes the crown."  Devolution Magazine Peter Dennis

"let’s end by being deadly serious. The world’s finest sleazy flamenco band might be a small selection, but it’s the Gypsy Pistoleros. They are utterly magnificent, and so is this. As bonkers as it is, it is a world, that once it’s sucked you in, you’ll never want to leave. Like “Hotel California” but with better hats."
Rating 9/10 Andy Thorley Maximum Volume Music

"If you’re already a fan, “Duendo A Go Go Loco” will confirm what you already know, that Gypsy Pistoleros are one of the most ferociously original, exciting and innovative bands in the rock scene today; if you’re not (and why not?) then this is a brilliant entry point to get onboard the rock n roll train to Psychoville!" -  Craig Wilkinson Rockflesh

"this is a band that sounds like a bunch of contenders. This is a band whose time would appear to be now, and I’ll be clapping every step of their road to World Domination" - The Daily Sentinel (Australia)

"I reckon the World would be a much more vibrant and interesting place if we were all just a little more Pistolero!" Rockflesh

2The band play a diverse mix of punk sleaze and 70’s glam: fun songs, anthems and rocking bangers but what separates them from the others is their brilliant unique rumba flamenco punk vibe that is guaranteed to get you dancing every time" Dave Martin - We Bleed Music

" packed to the brim with rambunctious riffs, mellifluous melodies and choruses that will rest in your aural cortexes for days afterwards." - UBER ROCK

 "If you like the idea of a traditional Latin inspired rock band that also takes in the late 80’s Sunset Strip, a little Punk and a lot of swing, then you’ll love this. Get out and see them and have some fun! " 8/10 - Mark Diggins The Rockpit





GYPSY PISTOLEROS release their fifth single and totally Radio unfriendly ‘Revolution!!’ on Friday 15th Dec, off the already critically acclaimed Charting album ‘Duende a Go Go Loco!’  

'Revolution!’ is an anthem for the underdog! A call for revolt against the corporate elite who own, control and manipulate the general population for their own gain, greed and amusement. For many who are sinking in financial debt and cannot ends meet, this is a call to change this corrupt system and government!  

 This fifth Single is taken from their new genre defining hit Chart album ‘Duende a go go loco!!' 

The album is available now at Earache Records Webstore, with loads of beautiful Vinyl variations, deluxe CD & Bundles! 

                        Recorded & Produced by the Legend Dave Draper at The Old Cider Press Studios, Pershore

By Order of the Gypsy Pistoleros, The Renegade Flamenco Punk  Glam Rock n Roll Renegades have arrived!
The renegade flamenco Rock Rumba Punk 'n' roll pioneers Gypsy Pistoleros ‘ new single The Ballad of Tommy Shelby (Good, Mad & Beautiful) was released on October 13th, 2022 has seen 260,000 Streams on Spotify so far. It includes a most amazing, not to be missed, special guest vocal contribution from Tommy himself?

"Gypsy Pistoleros – absolute hands down set of the weekend for me, what a stage presence, what a performance, what a set! the impact on stage is instantaneous and electric. They are unique, completely unique, never have I heard such a blend of styles merge so successfully that you’d struggle to label it (don’t bother trying) but the set is blistering" - Karen Clayton

A telephone rings. A long, bony hand reaches forward and lifts the receiver. “Hello,” drawls a tequila-soaked voice. “Hi, is that Gypsy Lee?” comes back that on the other end of the line. “Yep,” comes the rattle from deep inside an undead throat. “This is Robert Rodriquez. I have a vacancy for a house band at my bar. It’s called La Tetilla del Diablo. The only catch is you gotta be able to play from dusk ‘til dawn…” The line goes dead, ‘cos Gypsy Lee has already packed his guitar, his corpse paint and, of course, his sombrero… UBER ROCK

Gypsy Pistoleros may be best described as being the ideal house band for the fictitious Titty Twister bar of Rodriguez’s From Dusk Til Dawn. Between the nods to Morricone’s tense, tumbleweed atmospheres and the Gypsy Kings’ manic Mediterranean energy, a New York Dolls raw glam spark and a surplus of prime G ’n’ R attitude!

The sound is flamenco in a head on collision with punk/rock riffs, pounding bass and thrashing drums. The songs span madly in the best rock 'n' roll tradition with big hooks, attitude, and sleaze. Yet those flamenco breaks got into your head and refused to leave - this hybrid rocks.  

Live Booking   -



Gypsy Lee Pistolero – Vox, bad rumba guitar 

Shane Pistolero Sparkz – Great Guitars 

Kez Pistolero White - Bass 

Craig Pistolero Sharpe– Drums  

" one of the hardest things to achieve in music – a unique sound. It’s sleazy rock, Jim, but not as we know it – not unless you’ve heard it done flamenco-style. ‘Bandido’ is an infectious gallop that’d be just as at home in a Mexican saloon of ill repute as it is here today, while ‘Wild, Beautiful, Damned’ is a rampant singalong with a slice of lime protruding from its bottle neck. Endearingly spicy, they leave you wanting more. - Steve BeeBee Planet Rock

"Imagine the house band from ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ jamming with (early era) ZZ Top, a youthful Guns ‘N’ Roses and the Gypsy Kings and you get the Gypsy Pistoleros. Latino fuelled punk rock doesn’t get much better than this. ****'." -Review by Jason Ritchie -Get Ready to Rock

"Its catchier than a dose exhumation of the spirit of Joe Strummer, dusts him down, places a Rickenbacker around his still leather jacket clad shoulders and places him at the front of the Dia de la Muerte parade, where he struts and swaggers with all the cool ease of a true troubadour. A party anthem for the undead generation, without a doubt.

The Pistoleros are a band who live up to their own hype, as they tick all of the boxes they attribute to themselves, and then some, with some of the most infectious, sleaziest, dirtiest, rock ‘n’ roll vibes around, all mixed with enough dust to bury a spaghetti western set several times over.This may be the perfect soundtrack for a night of blood-drenched debauchery but it also that for glorious summer afternoons, packed to the brim with rambunctious riffs, mellifluous melodies and choruses that will rest in your aural cortexes for days afterwards." - UBER ROCK

"Another deft dose of Latin laced, Mariachi sleaze. A Day of the dead, guillotine theatre with cinematic Morricone pretensions. Contrived, preposterous, irresistible" - CLASSIC ROCK

“You'll love it i'm sure! The World’s Greatest Flamenco Sleaze Glam Rock ‘N’ Roll band Ever! ” MarkDiggins - The Rockpit 

"The Pistoleros are sheer musical escapism" – Malcolm Yates, Classic Rock Magazine

"Once in a while something special comes along and turns the musical world on its axis and makes you listen to music and lyrics in a totally different way. That something is Gypsy Pistoleros." - WeBleedMusic

"Gypsy Pistoleros are a thrill-a-minute collection of melodic eye-patch swagger that smells of exotic spices and forbidden concubines. The Gypsy Pistoleros sound like Hanoi Rocks, if Hanoi Rocks were sultans and snake charmers." - Sleazegrinder, Classic Rock Magazine

"Gypsy Pistoleros were, and still are, a breath of fresh air. You will never hear another band like this. They are the greatest flamenco sleaze glam band ever. This, actually, is as good as sleaze ever got in the last decade." - Andrew Thorley, Maximum Volume Music

"Gypsy Pistoleros dub themselves "The World's Greatest Flamenco Sleaze Glam Rock 'N' Roll band Ever!" Does it work? Are you fucking kidding me?  it's on! - Dave Wilks, Beaver Buzz Radio

"Can you imagine Sleaze, Glam, Hard Rock, Punk and some Flamenco rolled into one with a whole lot of Spanish attitude oozing out it? Imagine no more - The Gypsy Pistoleros will give it all to you, and you will love every minute of it and want to reach for a tequila shot" *****. - Michele Storm Hairspray Heaven

"The Gypsy Pistoleros sound seems to have one underlying function, and that is to bring joy, in this they have succeeded in spades, this is a truly brilliant release and already one of my albums of the year." Review by Martin  Granville Jace Media

"This will be my go-to piece of music for escapism, in fiery technicolour, and as all Pistoleros songs do – have me reaching for the dancing shoes and the tequila!" - Rocket Queen Crazy Cowboy


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